New Year, New Faces

December 2010

As more Christmas lights start to twinkle at night and Christmas songs start to play on the radio, I am reminded that holiday season is coming. Another year is about to slip away and a new one is at the corner waiting for me, with a special twinkle in its eye. As some of you already know, my husband and I are expecting our first child in January, so this holiday holds special meaning for us. Many of my patients expressed their best wishes for the baby and me; many women shared with me their birthing experience and their joy as a mother. I’ve been enjoying and appreciating the support and a sense of warm connection that I am experiencing these days in my practice. Thank you all for this wonderful gift! At the same time, I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! And I hope that the new year holds a kind of wonder for all of you!

A New Face

As I will be away for my maternity leave from January to June next year, my greatest concern was to find someone who can replace me to continue providing care to you. Someone who is competent and compassionate, someone that I feel will be as concerned about you as I am. I have interviewed many people, and I found Jen Cherewaty. Jen and I share the same interest in nature, passion in Chinese Medicine, and desire to help people. Besides practicing Chinese Medicine, Jen is also a Yoga teacher and a Doula. I believe that you will connect with her and greatly benefit from what she brings to your healing process. She will be in the clinic with me until the 22nd, meeting you and getting familiar with you and your cases.