Turning Point Bodymind treatment with acupuncture and counselling

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, panic disorders, past trauma, addiction and also experiencing physical symptoms such as pain, low energy, digestion issues, insomnia and sexual dysfunction?

Are you going through life transitions and feeling stressed, exhausted and lost?

Are you searching for better physical and mental health, a life with vitality and meaning?

Welcome to Turning Point, an integrated healing center based in North Vancouver, B.C., where your mental health is treated with a non-pathologizing and holistic approach. I am Dr. Judy Zhu, as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a registered clinical counsellor, it is my passion to help you get on the path for better physical and mental health to live a life with vitality.

Every point is a turning point

Probably like many others, you have been wanting to make changes to your life, but feel blocked and stuck. So you have been waiting for that blocked feeling to go away before you can start really living. It is so easy to get lost in the problems and figuring out the solutions while your life passes by. At Turning Point, I help you to free up that energy that is so wrapped up in the “problem” so that your body can function optimally and you are able to start living your life right now. Every moment in your life can be a turning point, and you can choose to strike out in a new and valued direction now.

Come join many people who began their healing journey here. Come join the people who have created a difference for themselves — improved health and a more fulfilling life, and who continue to grow and develop, experiencing more joy and wellness with every passing day.

“Thank you so much Dr. Judy for helping me connect with the intention that transformed my life.

When I came to see you, I was hopeless, extremely tired and depressed. Even though I have been taking pain killers and many other medications, the pain and urination problems persisted. After only a month treatment, the pain was gone, my urination became normal, my energy is good and I am able to go back to work. I feel that every day, my body gets stronger and I feel healthier.”

— Ana L. J.

Our clients attain their goals

What are your valued goals that I can support you to work toward today?

Ancient wisdom, and New Trend in Mental Health

Chinese Medicine doesn’t solely focus on how to get rid of illnesses. The ancient wisdom tells us that there is something more important to pay attention to: the body’s own healing potential — the vital Qi that constantly helps the body to adjust to the environment and function accordingly. The new non-pathologizing approach in psychology also focuses on the strength and self-directedness of human being to improve mental health and quality of life. This is the very counselling approach that we adopt at Turning Point together with 2000-year old holistic approach of Chinese medicine’s to mental health — treating body and mind as a whole.

By combining the powerful tools of Chinese Medicine and counselling, I have been assisting many people to improve physical and mental health by making lasting changes that benefit their health in the long run. I can help you too.

“I had spent years with stomachaches and daily vomiting. Dr Judy connected my constant stomach issues with an underlining anxiety that I had been experiencing since childhood. Once that connection was established, I have been able to find relief from the constant upset stomach and daily vomiting. I no longer take any medication for my stomach issues and have learned techniques to manage my anxiety. My sessions with Dr Judy have greatly improved my quality of life and I would recommend her services to anyone.”

— A.R.

When many stressful events happen in your life, when your health is deteriorating, when you feel lost and confused, you may label the experience as a “crisis”. In Chinese, the word for crisis “危机” is composed of two characters. The first one (危) means “danger” and the second one (机) means “opportunity” or “pivot”. The turmoil of the crisis contains strong energy. This energy can be harnessed for change for a more meaningful and joyful life. When you are at this important cross road, I can assist you to turn things around and direct the energy to move you along toward your valued goals.

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